Custom size LED POP panel

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The Perfect way to Display your Poster!

Point of Purchase (POP) poster displays are very easy to install, with our patented 3-piece fitting that makes image change easy without dismantling the display. This sleek modern look suits any category, from banking to fashion to technology.

Ideal for: Shop windows, menus, malls, point of purchase, product promotion, banks, boardrooms, directory boards, information panels, decor or branding panels or almost anything you can think of!

Available Options:

Custom Sizes & Styles: Standoff from wall is normally 15mm, but is also available in 20mm & 25mm options.

Standard sizes display posters from A4 size to A0 size, but custom sizes are available up to 2400mm x 1200mm. C-Pockets fixed as the face panel allow rapid changing of posters

Panel finishes: Standard POP panels are supplied in Clear Acrylic, but custom designs are available in glass edged acrylic and with non-reflective front panels. Designer POP panels, have a wide variety of back panel options ranging from coloured acrylics to brushed metal finishes, and many more.

  • Branding: Have your company logo or brand applied to the back panel border to gain more impact & ownership.
  • Suspended Pop Panels™: can be installed singly or in multiples floor to ceiling and in a single or double sided option, with fittings to suit your needs.
  • Freestanding Pop Panels™: can be installed single or double sided on a range of display stands.

Point of Purchase (POP) poster displays

For wall mounted varieties: the fitting has three parts.

The first is simply screwed to the wall, spacing the back panel out. For optimum depth we recommend you try a standard 15mm spacer. There are also 20mm or 25mm spacers available.

Our spacers are available in attractive finishes including satin chrome as standard. For other options, please ask us.

The second part screws into the first through the back panel and holds it on the wall when you change your image. This feature is exclusive to our patented user-friendly fitting.

The third section is a front mounting screw, inserted through the front panel holding the image and front panel in place. Fixings suit all walls.

Front Panel Options

Flat panels: are the standard format with an acrylic panel the same size as the image.

C-Pocket: has a return at the top and bottom of the front panel, fixed permanently to the back panel. Insert image from the side between the panels.

1. An acrylic front the same size as the image.

2. A larger back panel creates a visual frame.

3. A range of fixing solutions that secure the front panel,